See link for some of the open opportunities in our pack committee.


Every pack is under the supervision of a pack committee, which consists of at least three members (chair, communications chair, and treasurer). By handling administrative and support tasks, the pack committee allows the Cubmaster, den leaders, and their assistants to focus on working directly with the Cub Scouts

Make recommendations regarding pack leadership to the chartered organization for final approval of pack leadership.

Recruit the Cubmaster and one or more assistant Cubmasters, with the chartered organization’s approval.

Coordinate the pack’s program and the chartered organization’s program through the chartered organization representative.

Help with pack charter renewal and work towards setting Journey to Excellence Award goals in the prior planning year and to help complete the checklist to apply for the Journey to Excellence Award.

Help stimulate the interest of adult family members through proper programming.

Supervise finances and equipment.

Vigorously assist the Cubmaster.

Ensure that all Cub Scouts receive a year-round, quality program.

Complete pack committee Fast Start training and Basic Leader Training for the position.

Conduct, with the help of the Cubmaster, periodic training for parents and guardians.

Cooperate with other Scouting units.

A strong pack committee will have individual members assigned to such areas as record keeping and correspondence, finances, advancement, training, public relations, and membership and registration. The pack committee chair decides how the responsibilities should be divided and gives committee members assignments.

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