How Does it Work?

How is the pack organized and by whom?

Each Cub Scout pack is sponsored by an Organization, typically a Religious , Service type organization. In this case, Pack 3894 is sponsored by Queen of Angels Parish. We do not receive any funds from them, however they do provide a meeting place and help in various forms.

The Pack Chartered Organization Representative is the go-between the Pack committee and the Chartering Organization.

The backbone of any good volunteer organization is an even better committee of volunteers. Who makes up this committee are adults, previous scouters and mainly you the parents, grandparents and anyone with some vested interest in bettering the experience for the youth. As volunteers we are always seeking any help we can to put together an event, fund raiser, or making contacts , connections in any way possible.

The pack committee works on planning each monthly pack meeting and to have common monthly “themed” den meetings and up coming events .

The cubmaster role is to help coordinate the program, meetings, for the Den Leaders and help them out anyway possible.

The Den Leaders are the drivers of the program to your son. These are moms & dads who devout their time to help put together fun and informative meetings where the boys will learn through “hands on experience”, through play, and teamwork and mentor them for their own personal achievements. They also require them to have training in accordance to the BSA ( Boy Scouts of America) policies and standards that Pack 3894 has now employed. Any meeting or event ( with exception of Tiger Cubs) requires two-deep Adult Leadership present; so we will have two trained den leaders at meetings , and in some instances when one is not available — we will ask a parent to stay at the meeting to fufill this BSA policy.

Den Chiefs are normally former Cub Scouts, who are now Boy Scouts who are the role models that the younger boys look up to. This will be a new program we bring into 2010 year and we plan on having Den Chiefs for each Den. They will help the Den Leaders with various duties and help coach the boys.

Lastly, you as guardians, parents, and family members make up the pack in your assistance of making sure that your boy attends the meetings and we look for your help, as little as it can be or as much as you can provide throughout the year.

We invite you to download this document to understand more about Cub Scouting.

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