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Scouting for Food Drive 2012

Update  12/10/2012 –  Special Thanks to the Flynns, Paul Krappman & Angie Herschel for assisting in the rainy day event. Thank you to all parents and scouts who helped out:
aidan bradley
anthony garcia
charlie galloway
conor giroux
dylan bradley
emmet o’brien
emmett williams
even rudolph
felipe sebastian vallejo
frank manna
grayson patnode
henry bautista
holden austen
hunter austen
jack mccarthy
jacob magana
joseph flynn
marcus manna
micharl dugard
nick manna
nicolo valentino
oliver chermansky
owen krappman
pat mccabe
peter flynn
presley herschel
robert rojas
sean peterson
sebastian belle
simon bautista
timmy witchger
tristen guzman
van immonen
will decaigny
will hartman
The Scouting For Food program is a city-wide food collection program conducted inpartnership with the Chicago Food Depository. The program will be conducted THIS WEEK by several thousand Scouts. The Scouts will be collecting food donations and delivering the food to their district collection site. The food will then betransported to the Chicago Food Depository for distribution to local food pantries.
In the Law of the Pack, a Cub Scout gives good will and in the Boy Scout Promise, a Boy Scout promises to help other people at all times. By participating in the Scouting for Food program, Scouts fulfill these words and assist needy neighbors.
The Scouting For Food program has several objectives:
1. Help provide food for needy families.
2. Teach young people the value and importance of serving the community and helping their neighbors.
3. Provide and opportunity for the Chicago Area Council to give back to the community.
4. Provide visibility for Scouting.

Just a reminder Bag Distribution starts ASAP!! We have some rules from the Area Council:
1. Scouts must have adult supervision.
2. Under no circumstances are scouts to enter any homes or buildings.
3. Do not ring doorbells or knock on doors.
4. Hang bags on doorknobs. Do not place in mailboxes.
5. Scouts should wear uniforms or other Scout identification.
6. Do not distribute bags after dark.
7. Record streets where bags are distributed so you can recall locations for collecting day.

There are thank you cards available at

Please print these out and insert them into the bags or deliver them when you pick up the food.  Bag Collection is on Saturday, December 8th.  After you collect the food, bring it to St. Matthias Church/School, 4910 N. Claremont Ave.  We will be there between 10 AM to 1 PM.  We will take a Pack picture at 11:00 AM if you can make it, but you can drop the food off anytime between 10 and 1.  Please let  your Den Leader know if you have any questions or concerns.  We have extra bags if you need them.


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