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Webelos Day & Sleep Over Camp Opportunities 2012

Attention Parents of Webelos Age Scouts ( Those Scouts entering 4th or 5th grade after June 2012)

There are many opportunities for your son to attend Day,  Overnight & Resident Camp this year, and it can be quite confusing for many parents on what the differences are and where they are located. The Pack and Chicago Area Council belief is that is very important for your son to try and make one of these camps this year; with 5 different dates to choose from there should be no excuse to have your son attend a session. Also money should be no objection as the council has provided two options to help aid you financial for anyone of these camps. See further below.

Why is Webelos Camp important?  It provides a big advantage to your son to work on many of the achievements that he would be working on with his den leaders throughout the year, but being done in either a 2 or some cases 5 day period. He will of course being having FUN the whole time and learning many new things that he has never done before as a Cub Scout. Every boy who has attended Cub Scout Day Camp or Owasippe Resident Camp has returned the following year to tell of many tales and all the fun he had. The cost / benefit is amazing and I ask that each Parent please commit to review the information below and make a decision either way to attend one event or acknowledge that you will pass.

Below is a grid that provides a quick guide for you to know about all 5 opportunities and what the differences, locations, cost involved.

Further down, there is a SURVEY link or click HERE to acknowledge you Read this and submit which program(s) / date your son would be interested in attending. Lastly below is a section that provides you with all additional links and detailed information for each program. Its important to note that your son can attend Day Camp & Resident Camp together; and that these programs are completely different and they do not do the same things. Owasippe Resident Camp the boys will do swimmming, fishing, hiking, bb guns, and other rank related achievements; an adventure that they will have never experienced! However, we acknowledge that for some its not possible to do both, so we want to provide you with enough info to help decide what works best for your family.

Program GUIDE highlights

Program Name: “In-town” Overnighter Cub Scout Day camp Owasippe Resident Camp
Start Date: Monday June 18th Wed June 20th Monday June 25th
Number of Days 2 3 5
Cost: $75 $55 $210
Late Fee: $20 (after April 15) $20 (after April 15) $30 (after May 31)
Location: North Park (Peterson & Pulaski) North Park (Peterson & Pulaski) Whitehall, MI (240 miles from Chicago)
BB Guns &  Archery? Archery Only Archery Only BOTH
Sleep over? 1 night NO YES
Also Attend other Webelos Camps? * Yes, however cannot select June 20th Camp * Yes, however cannot select June 18th Camp Yes
Parent Required? YES,Overnighter NO NO
Adult Ratio 2 Adults to 8 boys 2 Adults to 8 boys 2 Adults to 8 boys
Campership (Scholarship Available) ? YES YES YES
Rating of overall Quality Program? Scale 1 to 10 9 8 10
Program Name: Owasippe Resident Camp Cub Scout Day camp
Start Date: Monday July 9th Wed. July 18th
Number of Days 5 3
Cost: $210 $55
Late Fee: $30 (after May 31) $20 (after April 15)
Location: Whitehall, MI (240 miles from Chicago) Palos Heights, IL
BB Guns &  Archery? BOTH BOTH
Sleep over? YES Yes, Thursday only
Also Attend other Webelos Camps? Yes Yes
Parent Required? NO NO
Adult Ratio 2 Adults to 8 boys 2 Adults to 8 boys
Campership (Scholarship Available) ? YES YES
Rating of overall Quality Program? Scale 1 to 10 10 8

SURVEY / Acknowledgement FORM ( we ask that all parents fill one out)

See link here to fill out and let the pack know your intent HERE

Financial Assistance

There are two ways to help you financially pay for anyone of these programs:

  1. Council Campership Application, please see the link HERE
  2. Scouts can sell $5 discount Cards ( $2.40 goes directly to your son) , Den Leaders will have this by april 2nd; Details here

More information on Cub Scout Day Camp

Additional Information/ Registration forms for Cub Scout Day Camp and Overnight “In-town” Camp

Owasippe Resident Camp Registration Forms and more info

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