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Earth day 2011 – Go Green at the Pack

Earth Day 2011 is Saturday April 22nd-23rd and as part of Earth Day month the pack is testing out the idea of going Green at the Pack Meetings.

Pack night is April 29th @ 6:00pm ( earlier start time )

The pack refreshments will not include juice boxes as normally done. We are asking that every boy and sibling bring in a Water Bottle to use for their “cup.” ¬†The pack will have something for the kids to drink. We want to promote this idea across not only for this night, but also at the upcoming Spring Campout and possibly continue this for ongoing Pack Nights.

The pack has already started to “Go Green” by using some of pack funds to buy Table Clothes to replace the disposable plastic table cloths . We also have purchased bio degradable plates for the past blue & gold dinner.

For the upcoming Pack Campout we are asking that every attendee bring their own aluminum or ideally stainless steel mess kit, bowl and/or plate to help reduce waste and go green. Here are some suggestions of places to buy:

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