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Summer Campout – Owasippe – July 22nd-24th 2011

SAVE THE DATE — Weekend of July 22nd-24th 2011, will be our Pack’s Summer Campout.

Who can attend? ANYONE and everyone in your family, yes moms & dads , sisters, grandpa too!

Why Family Camping? Cub Scouts Camping program was built on foundation of Family Camping,  because of the size of our pack in last few times we been challenged to have a large enough campsite to house as many as possible. We now have this special opportunity to travel to Whitehall, Michigan Area to Camp in the large Chicago Area Council BSA Camp Owasippe Scout Reservation.

Where? Owasippe Scout Reservation is owned and operated by the Chicago Area Council, BSA.  Since 1911, Owasippe has provided an exceptional summer camping experience, making it the oldest continuously operating Scout camp in the nation.  Owasippe consists of almost 4800 acres of lush forests, lakes, streams and hiking trails.  The Camp is located at 9900 Russell Road, Twin Lake, Michigan.

What is so special of this weekend? This is Owasippe’s 100th anniversary of America’s premier Scout Camp. There is a special celebration going on during this period and they are allowing anyone associated with a pack or troop to come camp up there. This opportunity allows us to come in early on Friday set up camp and stay till Sunday and enjoy the weekend celebration. Younger Scouts will be able to learn about Resident Webelos Camp and of course get a preview of what they will experience when they are boy Scouts. To learn more about the weekend and Owasippe please visit the following link:

How will this work? We are hoping to get half the pack to camp out this weekend, and carpool as much as possible. The Outdoor Events Committee will be working on coordination of this Campout. The plan is to work the same method as the Spring Campout to have a fixed cost for the meals and eat together as a pack. There will be more details as we work through this. In the meanwhile if you are interested in attending please click here to email alert us :
Summer Campout – Owasippe !

Earth day 2011 – Go Green at the Pack

Earth Day 2011 is Saturday April 22nd-23rd and as part of Earth Day month the pack is testing out the idea of going Green at the Pack Meetings.

Pack night is April 29th @ 6:00pm ( earlier start time )

The pack refreshments will not include juice boxes as normally done. We are asking that every boy and sibling bring in a Water Bottle to use for their “cup.”  The pack will have something for the kids to drink. We want to promote this idea across not only for this night, but also at the upcoming Spring Campout and possibly continue this for ongoing Pack Nights.

The pack has already started to “Go Green” by using some of pack funds to buy Table Clothes to replace the disposable plastic table cloths . We also have purchased bio degradable plates for the past blue & gold dinner.

For the upcoming Pack Campout we are asking that every attendee bring their own aluminum or ideally stainless steel mess kit, bowl and/or plate to help reduce waste and go green. Here are some suggestions of places to buy:

9 year old uses CPR – Cub Scout Basic Aid Training

The following CNN recent piece made big news on how a Scout Age Boy, 9 years old knew enough about CPR to take action and save his 2 year old sister. This type of heroism and think on your feet response is the type of things that we as leaders and parents are trying to instill into our cub scouts. They will not learn this in every day life, or at school , not the full depth knowledge until maybe high school.

see article below about the 9 year old’s story

Currently the Wolf  “Shark Den” co-led by KJ Bradley & Michael Thomas have put together a Basic Aid Training program for their Den using external professional resources to help teach their scouts Basic First aid, CPR, and Emergency Preparedness. This is a 6 session program that is helping to lay the foundation for boys to react and help out should any unforseen emergency. At its conclusion, the boys will earn a very special pin that not many cub scouts get to earn. Details are below link

We like to see if there is any interest in this type of program for the rest of the pack, and see about condensing it down to shorter period for age appropriate dens and offering it at pack level . If you want your son to run through this course please email back here:

Interested in Cub Scout Basic Aid Training!

Pinewood Derby – District Results

The District Wide Pinewood Derby was held on Sunday April 10th. This event covered anyone wanting to size up their cars with other packs on the north side. There was a large crowd as always this year and Pack 3894 had some representatives so we thank all who participated.

We had some big winners who we are so proud of and here is the list:

2st place in overall race!!  – Presley Herschel

He also captured 1st place in Wolf Division

2nd place in Wolf division was Oliver Chermansky

3rd place in Tigers Division was Michael Basharis

Best in Show in Overall Design went to Hunter Austen

Congratulations all, we are so proud of you!!!

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